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Nov 10, 2009 7:00pm EST
lisa nowak pleaded guty today to attacki another woman in 2007. they habeen dating the same man, a fmer space shuttle pit. nowak, a na captain, drove from texas to florida, d assaulted the won with pepper say. she also carried a sel mallet, a knifend other articles. uer a plea bargain, nowak was sentced to one year's probation. d still to come on the nehour tonight: finding refuge; health care cost cutng; and watching "sesame strt." that follows the latest othe fort od investigation. gwen ifill has our sty. >> ifill: as military d civilian leaderwere paying the respects at fort hood tod, army major nidal malik hasan continued to recuperae in a texas hospital. he remains thsole suspect in last week's shootin, and nvestigators there and in shington are stepping up the iniry into his background and possible motives. joining us fomore on that investigation e dana priest, military affairseporter for "thwashington post;" and josh meyer, o covers the departme of justice at "he los aeles times." welcome to you bo. joh meyer, it turns outhat nil hasan has been investigated befor tell us abouthat
Nov 16, 2009 7:00pm EST
are talking literally about great treasures of western civilation. this is mo lisa we have a pho here. >> the mona lisa was o of 400,000 works of ar evaated from the louvre in a tter of a few weeks rying to keep them out of war's pat of course initiay the concern was to t to get them out ofay of damage from bombings d fires. but in the curse of time it was to try a keep them away from the nazis ithe theft that went on. so the monumts men arrived on thground there were no more than a den of them in all of northern euro respsible for covering a vast, vt area. there was a separate group of monuments men in italy charg with this awesome respsibility. really no play book, ifou will. ma of them were hitchhiking across eope. they werpathetically resourced but theyere empored by this monumental order by general eisenwer that said we will prect cultur treasures so much as war allows. nd that really was a a change in how this ay went about fiting a war on the one hand, trying tmitigate damage to cultural treasures. >> there are so my amazing peoplend stories here. is tre one favorite character
Nov 10, 2009 5:30pm EST
" producer lisa biagiotttraveled there earlier thisear and, with the helpof the pulitzer nter on crisis rerting, she filed this report. >> reporter: friday afteron, four men dressed as fales narrowly escaped mbing in downtown kingston just lt week aale was beat in farmth trelawy because he was dressed as a female. >> the issue of violence against gay men, espially mob violence. >> reporter: stacy annjarrett the executi director of support for fe whether she works closel with jamaica's embattled gay community. >> as an individual you ve verbal attks, physil attacks or oneon one. but if it's a group, i tell you most definitelthey're going to attacked. >> rorter: photos like the showing attack on a crosdressing gay man are rre, reports of violencere common. >> two guys wh machetes nearly killed me. >> reporter: these g men agreed to appear on camera as long as their identities are conceale >> once they find out that you are kay,battan, they usehe wo battyman, they want to kill you. >> these people have been been, people ar being shot. people their homes have been burned down. >>'ve had t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3